is a Canadian technology that provide Smart ID tag, that connects the finder of a lost pet with the rightful owner via email, telephone, SMS and/or mailing address.

With, you can protect your pet such as you dog, cat, rabbit, but as well your keys (cars, house), luggage... from getting lost.

Activate your tag - Found a lost pet

Activate your tag by filling out this form:

Your telephone number you (the owner) want to be called when your pet is found.
The 9 digits tag number printed on your tag.
Your email address you want to be notified when your pet is found.

Found a lost Pet?

The 9 digits tag number is printed on the tag of the lost pet.

What is ResQR? is a small Tag of 30mm diameter (1.2") that you should be attached on the collar of your pet.

When your pet get lost, the finder of your pet can scan the QR code on the tag, or phone the number on the tag to get in contact directly with you. We are using your contact information you filled out on this website to contact you directly. tag

How does work? has a QR Code (abbreviated from Quick Response Code) which is a 2-dimensional digital symbol that anybody can scan with his or her smartphone. No software or app to download.

If you try to scan the QR Code on the right with your Smartphone you will be redirected to a mobile friendly website, that will provide you all kind of information about the owner of the lost pet and the best way to contact the owner.

For user that don't have a smartphone, the tags are printed with a toll-free number that can be dialed. We will then automatically put in relation the finder of the lost pet with the rightful owner.

QR Code example

Scan me with your smartphone,
or click on the image to launch the demo.


  • Provide the exact geographical (GPS) coordinate your pet was found.
  • Works everywhere, even the most remote area in the world.
  • Works all the time, 24h24 and 7 days/week.
  • Doesn't require any battery.
  • No software or app to download.
  • Never expire, you can use it for life.

Contact ResQR

215 Spadina Avenue
Toronto, ON, M5T 2C7

Tel: (647) 213-0234